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Steam Train Steam Train By Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars (Own work), via Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

Traveling by train always provide a superior opportunity of enjoying the scenery. Wide windows, slow motion and clacking through places where no roads go... Sounds lovely, right?

We have picked out 6 train trips for budget travelers that should provide fantastic views of the surroundings.

6. The Flam Railway
The Flam RailwayWhere: Norway
Length and Duration: 20 km / 1 hour
What will you see: this is a train ride through the world’s longest fjord Sognefjord, where you’ll get to see an amazing descent from an altitude of almost 3,000 feet into the fjords of Flam.



5. Glacier Discovery Train
Glacier expressWhere: Alaska
Length and Duration: 257 km / 2 hours
What will you see: From Anchorage to Whittier via Portage, the Glacier Discovery Train provides an excellent introduction to the Kenai Peninsula area of south-central Alaska. You will have a chance to see glaciers, waterfalls, moose, black bears, etc. The train also features an informative that will provide commentary of the land, history of the railroad and will point out the places where you can see some of the wildlife.

 4. The Sky Train

Lhasa Express / The Sky TrainWhere: Tibet
Length and Duration: 1142 km / 14 hours
What will you see: This ride literally runs so high in "the sky" (reaching 5,072 m) that the train’s ventilation system is fed with supplementary oxygen. Snow capped mountaintops, herds of yaks, mossy verges and icy plateaus are amongst the sights you will enjoy on this 14 hour long trip.


3. Cusco to Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu TrainWhere: Peru
Length and Duration: 50 km / 1 day
What will you see: This is a day long trip, but the ride itself is only 3 hours in each direction. After the ride to the Machu Picchu (during which you will travel through Andes, see the jungle, cross over two huge mountain passes and drive alongside the rapids of the Urubamba River) you get a 5-hour tour through this amazing Incan city. On the way back, a traditional Andean dinner is served.


2. The Glacier Express
The Glacier ExpressWhere: Switzerland
Length and Duration: 290 km / 8 hours
What will you see: The route links two mountain resorts in the Swiss Alps, St. Moritz and Zermatt, running though 91 tunnels and over the unbelievable number of 291 bridges. The snowy scenery on altitudes of up to 2033 meters is really spectacular.



1. The Chepe

The ChepeWhere: Mexico
Length and Duration: 656 km / 14 hours
What will you see: During the trip which crosses 37 bridges and goes through 86 tunnels, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Copper Canyon (deeper than Grand Canyon). Depending on the time of year (June to October) you can see a lush vegetation and blooming cacti. Also, along the way there are local people selling their crafts so there will be something to carry home after the trip.



Just keep in mind to check the train schedules because some of them do not operate all year long.


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