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Travelers’ diarrhea? High risk countries are...

Travelers’ diarrhea attack rates range from 30% to 70% of travelers. Read more

Fly during the least popular times

You can also find reduced rates on early morning flights Read more

The worst day to buy a plane ticket

Flights within Europe should plan to buy their tickets 140 days in advance Read more

Great city breaks: Spain from €16

From BarcelonaMadrid from  €32Amsterdam from € 39Ibiza from €18Lisbon from €32Palma de Mallorca from €16Paris from ... Read more

How to Make a Living While Traveling

Many legitimate ways to make a living while traveling (especially while backpacking) are available to those who want a c... Read more

Trip planning - first step: 4 things you need to know

The most important (and arguably the most expensive) part in your backpacking experience is transportation. Big chunk of... Read more

Put sodium bicarbonate in your backpack

When packing for a trip do not forget to put sodium bicarbonate in your backpack! Read more

How to pack a backpack?

So, you have picked your backpack based on size and type and you have learned what NOT to pack. Now, let's say a few thi... Read more

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Most beautiful railway stations in Europe

Most beautiful railway stations in Europe

Backpackers love railways. It's a way of transportation that lets a traveler experience the country from a point just a bit further than a plain walk.While compiling this list we were lead purely by s... Read more

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